Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Fake Rape Culture - Meet the Real Thing.

The rape culture narrative took a beating with the outing of the Rolling Stone Rape Hoax.  To make matters worse - UVA and seven other hoaxes were exposed.  It's unsurprising because the data were never data, it was nothing but a bunch of crazy feminists pushing their agenda of "Men are the source of All EVIL"  Even USA today agrees - the data just doesn't support the theory - at least after being introduced to the idea of fact checking which they apparently skipped for this article.

So, let's talk about Europe.  There is an actual rape epidemic going on in Europe - even the NY Times has given up trying to hide it.  Yet, the rape culture narrative has become silent.  The feminists have always held this weird doublethink idea that Western Culture (created by Evil White MEN) is the epicenter of Rape Culture and Sexism and at the same time, remained completely silent on the documented and systemic abuse, rape and murder of women in Islamic countries.

Why?  Multiculturalism trumps Feminism. The new god - Diversity - is more powerful than the old godess - Feminism. Neither have any value to Western Culture. Not because we have rampant racism, or rape culture, or rampant sexism - we don't. But, because Western Culture has been at the forefront of eliminating those things - which is why Western Culture is the Enemy.  Western Culture is the proof that the Regressive-Progressive narrative is crap.  Self serving crap.  Dangerous, harmful, abusive crap.

The Regressive-Progressives are beginning to eat their own.  The facade is falling and the truth is coming out.  Their diversity is only skin deep. Their patriarchy doesn't exist.  And their multiculturalism kills.  They actively agitate for the elimination of free speech because truth is anathema to their narrative.

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