Thursday, April 7, 2016

Media and Trump / Anti-Trump Cruz / Anti-Curz

I'm finding it difficult to even read many of my favorite blog/media sites. The distain and contempt normally reserved for the Progressive/Regressive Left seems to have become the common vernacular when discussing their least favorite Republican.   And it seems to not matter overly much - Ted or Donald. 

I'm more that a bit disappointed at many of these nominally Libertarian sights.   Geez people, get a grip. They both have problems and they both have good points and they're both better than the alternative.

Despite Ted's not so long history as a Republican outsider, he is more of an insider than Trump.  Trump on the other hand has yet to display a coherent plan for anything besides immigration (although that alone might be enough)   I'm not fond of his constant assault on free trade, although an assault on Regulation would be welcome. 

Both have changed their positions on a number of items - which smacks a bit of "fingering the wind" but compared to the Hill-Troll or the smiling commie, I suppose I can overlook that.

Just please, if you're going to beat each others camp up - stick to policy and lay off their supporters. 

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