Tuesday, April 26, 2016

You know Marko Kloos right?   You do read science fiction right?  

If you like SciFi,  and you like action, and military, and military SciFi then you must know about Marko Kloos - Frontlines series.   Book 4 is a great read, which comes as no supprise.  Andrew Grayson is about as real as they come. Once again, Andrew is on the pointy end of the speer, but the enemy has changed, for the moment anyway.

Chains of Command at Amazon

If you haven't read the other three - you probably should.

  Terms of Enlistment - book 1  at Amazon 

Lines of Departure - book 2 at Amazon 

Angles of Attack - book 3 at Amazon  

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  1. This is a great series I've loved every bit sofar and expect only the best from Marko Kloos. Hey anyone whose blog head picture is a group of awesome space-merc dachshunds has got to be good'