Friday, December 30, 2016

John Kerry - Antisemite

John Kerry - Antisemitism Incarnate

As the self anointed Political Elite shatters against the shards of their broken bubble, the deep seated evil that lurks inside each and every one of the Regressive Left is showing.

I wasn't sure Obama was a racist until now - oh I knew he hated America and Western Culture - the Country and Culture that gave him everything he has.  I new he wanted to destroy America, and I thought that was enough to explain his constant eight years of race-baiting. But he has shown his most vile self these last weeks of his administration with his attack on Israel.

Kerry, one of the many Regressive operatives in the administration never struck me as anything other than an incompetent tool - be he too is a world class racist - if that's the right word.  I'm never quite sure whether Jews are considered, or I suppose more importantly consider themselves as a separate race - but the idea seems common enough. So - Kerry is a racist. There is no other way to describe that horror of a speech.  Even the most fringe elements of the Alt-Right can't compete. 

If I had to chose between this evil multicultural, global, totalitarian state build on the hatred of identity politics or the White Nationalist of the right end of the Alt-Right - well that's easy. The Alt-Right isn't proposing genocide (aside from a few unstable nut jobs). But the entire Regressive Left sure seems to be.

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