Friday, December 30, 2016

Politcally Correct Bigoteers

The most obvious thing about progressives - or the Regressive Left - is that they are bigots - bigoteers* in fact.  They start by separating everyone into groups based on color, sexual orientation, and occasionally religious affiliation (although only with Jews and Muslims).   Once the groups are defined they proceed to label any members of those groups who do not fit the progressive stereotype as heretics and proceed to hurl racial and sexual epithets at them.

Once they've put the heretics in place - they proceed to organize the groups into a hierarchy of victimhood - based primarily on which group will give them the most to scream and rant about.

It's fairly easy to see what progressives think of themselves by what they project onto others.  They are nothing more than every vile thing they accuse everyone else of being. Women who refused to fall into line with the feminist agenda are misogynists, blacks who fail the litmus test of "blackness" are puppets, tools, or have internalized racism.  Progressives are in fact world class Bigots. 

When progressives speak about your words being violence - to them it is violence, you are attacking their whole identity, you are in a word invalidating their entire existence.

I believe this will come down to an armed conflict before we're done - everything you see is an echo of Bolshevik revolution - the rage, the politics, the unwillingness to recognize reality where it deviates from their ideology.  They are well past the point where they can tolerate reality destroying everything they've built their lives around.

*Bigoteer is a term I'm trying out as a replacement for Social Justice Warrior - there is a problem with SJW even though it's used as a derogative, people who lack experience with the term and have not been attacked by the PC fascists fail to see what's wrong with Social Justice.  I think the term Bigoteer was first coined by Tim Ferriss, I know my first exposure to the term was watching the Rubin Report interview with Tim.  I happen to agree - the SJW term is too positive to fit with the bigoted fascism that is the Regressive Left. 

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