Friday, December 30, 2016

The Political Establishment Have Lost Their Minds

The left has been in temper tantrum mode since the election. They're incapable of self-reflection.  They're completely lacking any sign of self awareness.  Constant predictions of the end of the world - which may very well happen but in my view is less likely with Trump than Hillary - abound.

And now at least one Republican in congress has taken the final step - so overwhelmed by their loss of the office of President to an outsider, they want to nuke the world. Sure he's talking about massive sanctions - how do you suppose Putin will handle that - like Obama - draw an imaginary red line?  Lecture us? Wag is finger at us?   No.  But that's what this idiot is thinking - Putin wouldn't dare.  I think he would dare - I suspect he believes we lack the conviction to actually carry through.

Wait you say - he's only talking about Russia.  Yeah, just Russia. The Russians have no chance in hell of winning a conventional war with the US - Russia and China combined have no chance of winning that war.

As of 2014 Russia had 845,730 tons afloat, China only 708,086. The United States has 3,415,893 tons. Granted Russia has more actual vessels but in the age of air superiority that's hardly an advantage. If you start adding in our allies the difference grows pretty quickly.

So what about that Air Superiority?  The US has 3,318 combat aircraft including the most advance aircraft flying. Russia - 1,900 and China 1,500.

Lacking the ability to win a conventional war Russia is left with the Last Possible Option as the ONLY option - nuclear war.   And guess what?

NOBODY wins that one.

Edit - 12-30-2016
Well, Putin seems to be less of a hot head than I thought - his response was basically - yeah what ever, looking forward to Trump.

I suppose that makes sense given the sanctions were not nearly as bad as the hype made them out to be.  And they'll only be in effect for about 30 days.  These morons just make me so angry - 30 days left and they have to insult and provoke as many people they don't like as they can manage.  These actions are just petty sabotage because they lost.

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