Friday, January 20, 2017

Trump Derangement Syndrom

It's been kind of a laugh watching the totalitarian collectivists that make up the Left have a total meltdown since the election.  I'm less amused by their destructive tendencies.  This is what happens when you steep children in a self-absorbed entitled and pamapered lifestyle then you tell them that anyone who disagrees with their indoctrination is a Nazi - they have no clue what a Nazi actually is, but the like the sound of it - so they start calling everyone who doesn't agree with them Nazis.  There's also a lot of the Not My Presidient thing happening.   So I made this:

I'm starting to like Trump more, but his views on trade still worry me. I'm hoping he just using the tariff scare as a negotiating tool.  Still, cuting or even better eliminating Corporate taxes and cutting regulations would be a lot more effective.

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