Tuesday, January 3, 2017

NYT Lies again

I could probably do a post a day about the lies told by the New York Times, but it's just too frustrating. I think it would a remarkable achievement if they managed to produce a single issue with no blatant lies or obvious misrepresentations. 

Reason Magazine did a nice takedown of an article by Susan Dynarski, a professor of education, public policy, and economics at the University of Michigan.

If this woman is actually a professor of Economics then the University of Michigan is more screwed up than I thought - and that would be difficult to accomplish.  No only does she purposely slant the results of the survey she used - but she failed to use the most recent survey.

I went and searched IGM's website for the survey to see what other information was available - sure enough, the first thing to pop up was a newer survey from 2012 that has a different result - even more in favor of vouchers. It also expresses a concern - a valid concern.  Although I think it's one that can be addressed. I also don't believe that most parents care enough about thier childs education to make the choice to go with vouchers.  I base this somewhat depressing opinion on the current lack of parent participation in public schools and they way they've allowed public schools to come completely off the rails.

Source: http://www.igmchicago.org/surveys/school-vouchers

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