Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Little Paranoia and a Little Prepping

I've been working with a friend on a root cellar - well more of a mostly underground storage. We're also adding a single lane 50 foot shooting range. While we can legally shoot on his property, we decided to not annoy the neighbors so an underground range was called for to minimize the noise. It's a lot of work but it's worth it.
I also did some research on converting my gun safe from an electronic lock to a mechanical one - looks like it'll run about $500. Why? Well it started as I was researching a book I'm writing. One thing led to another and I ended up spending a fair amount of time researching EMP causes and effects. One of those effects (albeit a minor one) would be to keep me out of my own safe. Originally I put the probability of an EMP fairly low, but the more I think about the situation in Iran, Pakistan, India, China, North Korea, Israel, the whole figgen world; the less sanguine I am about the possibility.
So the paranoid in me came up with a probability chart - based on some research and some gut feel (yes very scientific) Keeping in mind that I pay hundreds of dollars every year for homeowners insurance and the probability of a major claim is between .004% and .0008%
In my lifetime in my AO (Area of Operation - sounds very tacticool eh?)
(World effecting)
Economic Collapse > 30% and climbing (hyper-inflation)
Major earthquake (9.0+) > 25% (expert assessments not mine)
Super Volcano < 5% (who the hell knows)
Pandemic > 30% (if your under 25 figure 100%)
Major Comet/Meteor Strike < .004% (expert estimate)
Nuclear war < 1% No winers - too many losers
Civil War < 5% some days I think it's higher
Tsunami > 30% (bigger than Japan Tsunami)
Terrorist Attack > 10% (9/11 or larger in scale)
EMP (Solar) > 15% (best numbers I could find)
EMP (Terrorist) > 10% (gut feel)
Oil Shortage > 10% (based on China growth)
Global Warming > ? I've no idea
Poll Reversal 0
Riots > 1% It's just getting weirder
(Regional effecting - Costal, State Wide, Multi-State)
Riots > 20%
Foot shortages > 15%
Epidemic > 20%
Tsunami > 30%
Terrorist Attack > 10%
Volcano > 10% (already had one)
Earthquake > 40%
(Local Effecting)
Riots < 5% (fairly rural here)
Epidemic 100% (have one now)
Fire < 5%
Serious Gang problems < 10%
Food shortages > 30% (transportation issues)
Weather Related > 10%
Power Outages >10Days > 10%
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