Thursday, May 3, 2012

Round II

I'm one of those people who enjoyed Part I of Atlas Shrugged, and I've been looking forward to THIS

I think the movie is an excellent update to the book.   I appreciate Rand, I'm just not 100% in agreement with her - say 90% - I can think of a few things that are significantly beneficial for society but as yet I can think of no way to privatise them (i.e. make them profitable).   Many of these come from the belief that most people find it very difficult to take a long view (longer than their lifetime).  Which makes some of their rational choices less than optimal for the future - say for example EVERYONE in congress.

A politician says they care about the future of our children - they're lying.
A politician or Bureaucrat says it's for the Greater Good - start looking for the Storm Troopers.

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