Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mixed Messages

From this and this we see that in a few places - some courts are starting to see the light.   But apparently not all the Police think it includes them.

Chances are - if you have a camera and your taking pictures of government buildings, or cops - your going to get harassed.   There are a lot of cops that still haven't gotten the message - or have chosen to ignore it.  

Part of the problem may be that our rights are being treated like gas prices - take away a bunch until we scream then give some of it back - rinse and repeat.   Get people used to losing some protection of the constitution a little bit at a time, until it's all gone.   Remember - they're doing it for our own safety.

I watch the wheel of state grinding away at us, making actions illegal,  that years ago wouldn't even raise an eyebrow.   We've become a government of bureaucrats, and nannies, who tell us You Can't while they do.   The government has been dismantling the constitution, attacking bit by bit, slowly grinding away.   Every crisis an excuse to crush it just a bit more.  We still have a mostly functional first amendment - so Speak now.  Speek now or forever hold your piece.

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