Thursday, April 11, 2013

Be careful of what you wish for

Drang has a great post on the N. Korea situation.  Go read it First.

Then let me quote from him and his quote:

The leaders of north Korea are not sane, and may very well be insane enough to start WWIII just  to prove a point. As for the people, well, Reid again:
...But it appears that the people of North Korea genuinely do revere their Great Leader.

You see it in the awe-filled faces of the pilgrims lined up at Mangyongdae, a Mount Vernon-like expanse of grassy parkland surrounding an Abe Lincoln-style thatched hut purported to be Kim's birthplace. You see it in the painstaking care of a train porter as she polishes her Kim Il Sung lapel badge at the end of a long day. You hear it in the proud, reverent voice of the teacher chosen to read the daily scripture passage from The Great Leader's memoirs to the students in a public school.

It is almost as if the people of North Korea would rather believe the myth than face the reality of their brutally difficult daily life.

That must be why the markets have bright color paintings of lush fresh fruits and vegetables on the walls while the actual shelves offer only slim pickings of wormy potatoes and half-rotted onions. That must be why posters depicting happy children greeting the Great Leader in a bosky green park have been erected in the middle of playgrounds that are actually cracked asphalt pavement.

"We are finding that our biggest problem is not the top of the government but the people," says Aage Holm, an American with the United Nations Development Program who has been working here on a U.N. effort to build economic ties between North Korea and the non-socialist world.

So, there you have the results of a few generations of being told consistent lies.  I'm not sure if our own Progressives are just so Nihilistic that they look forward to the destruction of western civilization.  Or are they just to sure of their own superiority that in their arrogance they can't see what they've been wishing for is exactly what Kim Jong Un and his predecessors have provided for North Korea.

Yes it's that bad.  The progressive message is consistent 'If you think differently than us you are wrong, and immoral, and SomthingIst and you hate children, and women, and justice, and you have a small penis, or are a dupe of the patriarchal propaganda."

When facts are a trivial inconvenience to be slapped aside or just ignored if they conflict with the message; you are experiencing DOGMA.  The goal is conformity and since you can't make everyone conform to the highest level, then you must make everyone conform to the lowest. - See N. Korea  Because that's where it's heading.  The only way to make everyone conform is to make it impossible to think about anything else, which means you need to be spending all your time learning to be a good little statist, and trying to feed yourself.

Anyone ever seen a Prius on the roads in N. Korea - No?  Think they spend much time worrying about immigration reform? No, immigrants are reformed into soil.   Take any of your favorite Pet Progressive Policies and ask yourself - how do they deal with that in North Korea.  Because that's pretty much how we'll deal with it here if the progressives keep winning elections.

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