Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why I don't send money to Public Radio

About the only station I listen to locally is KPLU.  They have excellent jazz, and a wonderful Blues program on the weekend. 

I listen to the news on KPLU but always with an ear to what they're not telling me, or if the story can be slanted to the left - because they do.

We recently had a four day pledge drive; which I ignored. 
OMG - you listen to Public Radio and you don't GIVE?  What kind of amoral, self serving, heathen are you? 
Ah, but you see I do give to public radio.  I have no choice.  It seems horribly disingenuous to ask me for money claiming I really need to pay my fair share, right after you sent government thugs to take money from me at gunpoint.  

(OK that a bit of Hyperbole- I rarely make the IRS send agents to physically collect the money they've decided I owe.  It's a bit pointless, as they'll just freeze my accounts and take what ever they think they deserve anyway).

But the principle is sound.   If Public Radio want's my support, then stop forcing me to pay.  If you going to force me to pay, then I'm damned if I'll pay extra.  Pick one.

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