Monday, April 22, 2013

Lowering the bar - Alot.

So, they've decided to charge SCPOS#34* with using WMD's - yep Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Apparently Saddam did have WMD's but then with this new definition, so does everyone else.

I suppose it fits in with calling Libertarians extremists and potential terrorists.  Or, well, anyone who disagrees with the Obamasiah and his fellow progressives. 

* SCPOS#34 - Scumbag, Cowardly Piece of Shit: Awhile back I decided to never mention the actual names of the glory seeking morons who commit atrocities - so they get numbers.  SCPOS#23 died a few nights ago in Boston, SCPOS#12 offed himself in CT awhile back. Forgot about SCPOS#1 from Colorado (probably because I'm trying to forget about Colorado as well).

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