Monday, April 7, 2014

Hmm. 114 years of Physics is wrong?

So, almost everything done in physics in the last umm 114 years has a problem.   Maybe

It's not really Kirchhoff's fault.  If Prof. Pierre-Marie Robitaille is right, that is...  Then again, it makes it hard to explain why so many predictions are verified, based on  based on the constants developed based on Kirchhoff's Law of Thermal Emissions.   If one of the Law's of Physics is wrong, you'd think predicted results made based on that law, perhaps might not manifest - yet they do.

Now, keep in mind, every time we think we know something about the universe it turns out to be, well... Not Quite Right.   Newton was right until Einstein, who was right until... well he's still mostly right, just not about everything.  So, is it possible?  I guess...

Not being a expert in thermodynamics, nor a physicist it's difficult for me to tell.  But until I see more support for his claims - a lot more, color me a skeptic.   

I'll have to watch this one, it could be interesting. 

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