Thursday, April 10, 2014

Nothing to worry about - move along

I find it.... the list of adverbs is really long so let's just say disgusted, with our humble hat in hand approach to China.  No I don't want to start a war, but on the other hand, we're entitled (yeah I really mean entitled) to protect our nations infrastructure, our military, and corporate research, which we spend billions on.  We should not be going to China to reassure them that our efforts to beef up our Cyber Warfare capability means we're all still good friends.   They keep stealing from us, they keep attacking us and we just smile and say well - it's not like they're starting a war or anything.  

The hell they're not.   It's not a war of bombs and guns (yet - might never be, then again...) It is a war of information, of national security and at the moment they're wining.  Unlike territory, cyber warfare is not entirely a zero sum game, but it's pretty damn close.  If they crash the power grid they'll kill millions, and destroy the already fragile, some would say collapsing, economy.  If they steal corporate research and the sell the end result - they're competing with companies our economy depend on for jobs - at our expense.

When I was younger I used to hear a lot of talk about how information should be free - well, sure some of it should.  If the public is paying for it, then the public should have access to it - it's a sad truth that if it's available to anyone here, it's available to anyone in the world - for the same price (or less).

On the other hand, if I spend $200 million on a new battery technology, it would be nice if I got a chance to recoup that investment before the Chinese put me out of business selling my new battery.  They on the other hand would like nothing better than to put me out of business by stealing my research.

So, I really don't care if the Chinese get annoyed that we might not let them keep up their cyber attacks and theft - too damn bad.

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