Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Idiot Factory™ has a question

So apparently the President of WWU  (Western Washington University) thinks the school is too white.

He wants to know what to do about it.   Hell, that's easy - All you white folk - go to a different university. Problem solved.   Even better, save your money, and skip the Idiot Factory™ all together.

We can see in the chart - mostly white is pretty much what you get when you take a cross section of the population of WA.  - A fair number  of those Hispanic's are in  eastern WA, where they might prefer CWSU or even WSU, being closer to home.    So what the hell is he hoping for?  Oh yeah, diversity.  PC BULLSHIT.   What? Whitey don't pay their bills?  Not getting enough tuition?  You PC mongering moron.

And who is this President of WWU?
Shepard's academic background includes bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in political science from the University of California, Riverside.

Wow, now there's a surprise - Political Science ( interestingly a BA not a BS - because, not really science).  And from California, then Oregon.  It's like the Creeping Crud oozing it's way north.

There was a time that Western was an Okay school, apparently not so much anymore.

BLI says roughly 40% of jobs require a degree - yet 60% of workforce has one.  So just how much good did that degree in Pop Culture do for you?  Paid off that DEBT yet?  Yeah, didn't think so.

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