Monday, March 14, 2016

An Excellent Question

(H/T Blues Blog)

The Dems don't ask, the Republicans don't ask, and the media don't ask.   The truth is:  They don't give a crap.  They're beyond being able to figure out why they should give a crap.    We The People are a necessary inconvenience to them. We provide the wealth they use the government to transfer from us to them.  We're the worker drones and they'd really rather we just shut the hell up and worked.

It's a bad place to be.  Trump will not fix any of the problems we have, because Trump is in the end all about Trump.  He's just closer to the rest of us, he still remembers why he should give a crap.  Will he?  I suppose when it's in his best interest, but otherwise?  Probably not.

Is there a good answer?  No, there's an okay answer - Cruz.  In the end, it probably won't matter, we're so far gone it's sort of irrelevant.

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