Thursday, March 24, 2016

Opportunities and Statements

One thing about conflict - it always creates opportunities. Often we view those opportunities as less than ethical - war profiteering comes to mine, even though it's standard practice here in the good old USA.  What I have in mind would only be considered unethical by some very unethical people - college administrators.

I believe there is a market for a few colleges in virtually every state that would cater to students who are more interested in education than activism.  Students that can see the PC, SJW, Feminist, BLM crowd for exactly what they are - even if they can't quite put a name to it (I can - Useful Idiots to the  Cultural Marxism attack on Western Civilization).  I think it's time to make a statement.  Give those who actually want some value for all that money they're spending on education some place to go where they'll get it.

If I were running a school -- it would likely be a predominately a STEM school, but I'd require economics, philosophy, and history (not hxstory - actual history).  I might even require a course on just why Western Civilization, individual liberty and capitalism have done more good for the world than any other system ever devised.  There would be no Women's Studies department - there are plenty of schools that cater to that crap, we don't need any more of them. Anyway, right about now I'd be thinking that starting an advertising campaign that emphasizes education, not activism. Personal responsibility not learned helplessness, and free speech.

So about that free speech thing - I would allow students to bring any speaker they wanted to listen to, but I would not allow disruptive protest - if you don't like the speaker, don't go to the event.  Simple.  If you interrupt a speaker with the usual SJW bullshit protest - you're out, gone, expelled.  If you're not a student - then you're trespassing and I do my level best to have you arrested on those grounds.   If you come and you're polite (even if you disagree with every fiber of your being) then I really don't care if you're a student or not.

I'd advertise the indoor gun range and the outdoor long distance rifle range, and the combat 3-gun range. I'd state unequivocally that there will be no Space Spaces, Trauma Councils or any other idiocy that the perpetual victims demand.

I suspect I could fill up a college or two with kids who are sick and tired of being terrorized by Cultural Marxists.

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