Friday, March 18, 2016


I get that the government and businesses like to know the ethnicity of everyone when they're compiling statistics.   It's occurred to me that this is actually a bad thing.  This thought came about when I was wasting time on a phone survey about - of all things - light bulbs.  I've got no idea why I did this one, when I usually just hang up on them.  Maybe I was bored.

Anyway, we got to the end and he asked how I would describe my ethnicity I told him Human.

"No, Human - Homosapien."
"Oh I'll just put it down as no answer"

Why?  Because it shouldn't matter.  Why the hell does it matter?

You know who it matters to?   Progressives, they're obsessed with it, race and sex.    The first doesn't matter at all, the second only maters if you're planning to have a sexual relationship with someone.  Beyond that - who the hell cares?  Progressives care - it's hard to rip society apart if you can't manufacture conflict.  And if there's one thing Cultrual Marxist are good at - it's manufacturing conflict.    Why?   Because the obvious answer is more laws, more controls, more government.  When your goal is: The Totalitarian State as God - this is how you achieve it.

PC - Feminism - LGBTQLMNOP - Diversity - perpetually offended, victim status, safe spaces  - All BULLSHIT.

Complete, unadulterated BS.  Perpetuated by a parasite class.  Most of whom are useful idiots to the cause and don't even know what that means.

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