Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Only now do you understand the dark side

I got this from Cappy  who got it from Hyscience

This is not an uncommon tale. I've talked with several people in the same boat.   It's not like we didn't tell them.   The problem with them getting the government they deserve is that, the rest of us get it too. 

Here's a Craigslist poster that's clearly not very happy with Barack Obama, who he says he voted for. Here is his posting ... with a couple of minor edits:
What Obamacare did for me I thought it would be great, free health insurance, then I got a job. Boss says 28 hours a week is all they are offering now because over 30 requires insurance. Great, 30% pay cut right off the bat. But it gets better. My 28 hour week gives me about $18,000 a year which is too much for any government insurance. So now by law I have to buy my own ($5000) or pay a fine. I'm f**ked and every year the fine goes up. So what I thought was a sweet deal turned into an a** f**king. Thanks Obama, I wonder how many people like me turn 27 and find out you screwed us?
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Posted: 2013-01-27, 3:14PM PST

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