Sunday, January 27, 2013

So obviously it sould be used by cops against people?

From the CNN article

Speakers at the event organized by Feinstein rejected arguments that anyone beyond the military or law enforcement officers needed such firepower.
"How are you going to hunting with something like that?" asked Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, pointing to the assault weapons displayed to his left. "You kill something, there's nothing left to eat."
Right - so is he a moron or does he think everyone else is a moron?   The 30-06 hunting rifle I had as a child has more power than any of my "Assault" weapons pick one -  5.56x45 (also known as .223),  7.62 x 35 (also knows as 300 Blackout), or 7.62x51 (also known as .308)  Makes no difference, none of them are as powerful as a 30-06, or many of the rounds typically used for hunting deer, elk, and bear in this country every year.   What the hell does he think we're hunting with these things, field mice?

So if I shoot a deer with my .308 and it leave's nothing to eat - what do you suppose it will do to a person when the cops use it - why it'll turn them into a cloud of red mist obviously - but it's ok because the cops NEVER make mistakes.

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