Sunday, January 27, 2013

We've lost the war on Terror.

Yet one more sign that we've lost the war on terror (The first shot we really took was the ironically named Patriot Act, it's been downhill ever since.

So, on my PC I tend to use IE instead of firefox - no idea why.   It takes me to MSN.COM where I found this partway down on the right side of this page:


Do you support this type of street scanner?

Do you support this type of street scanner?

The results at 6:30PM Jan 27, 2013 were:

54 %
Yes, anything to make cities safer
154,460 votes

42 %

No, it's an invasion of privacy
119,068 votes

4 %

I'm not sure
12,116 votes

People are so terrified of everything now, that they'll happily toss the entire constitution away on the merest chance that it might make them a bit safer - even though it's been proven though out history giving up rights leads enexorably to tyranny - which is definitly not safer.

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