Thursday, May 16, 2013

Unions and Government

I can't say I'm even the least bit surprised with the IRS scandal.   We know the Unions don't like Republicans, and they HATE the TEA party. So why would anyone be surprised that the NTEU (National Treasury Employees Union) - a Liberal union that uses IRS employee money in the form of union dues to support anti TEA party candidates, use it's power over it's member to screw with TEA party and other conservative groups.  Oh sure, it will be individual members who take the fall, but that's just the way it's done.   People lower on the totem pole always take the fall for their bosses - sometimes they even get compensated for it.

I'm not convinced Obama knew anything about it, but you can bet his appointee to the federal salary council, Colleen Kelley knew.  Being the president of the Union that spent almost $550,000 of union member dues on Democratic candidates fighting TEA party candidates, how could she not.     

I'm not really even surprised that the Main Stream Media is covering it, after all, it takes space away from the Benghazi investigation.  So, maybe Obama did know - hard to say.

What I will say is this:  Mixing Unions and Government is a BAD idea.  Right up there with mixing Religion and Government.  I've talked to enough union people to know some treat the union as if it were a religion, and I suppose if someone made sure I got benefits
 that no one outside of a union would ever even consider reasonable, I might think that way too.... Nah, I have too much self respect for that.

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