Thursday, August 7, 2014

A little too much truth

I gave up giving to charity years ago.  Too many are corrupt, most of the one's that aren't are inefficient, if they're efficient, they rarely do the things I think need to be done.

Besides the government sticks a gun to my head every year to collect for charity so why should I volunteer more.

If these people are right (and I believe they are) then all that money destined to help the third world, is causing harm, not helping.   I've talked about creating dependance before here.  I view emergency response aid differently - obviously (well to rational person it would be obvious).

Apparently I'm not alone in thinking AID generally does more harm than good. seems to agree.   Corporations seem to be the big gainers when it comes to foreign aid.  That and foreign dictators.

Want some proof - take a look at the micro-loans to women program    I've seen a lot of stories about significant successes here.   Why - small business makes jobs, small business makes economic growth.  Not big business, not governments, not involuntary charity, not the narcissistic kids going abroad to "help".

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