Tuesday, August 5, 2014

More things I don't get.

Why are so many Jews Liberals.   Short memories? They like the liberal media treating them as the Nazi Ideal of Jews?   They like having a bunch of brainless Hollywood starts - who incidentally work mostly for them - call war criminals with no right to defend themselves?

Apparently more Jews are becoming conservatives - even a few running as Republicans - I view that as a possible mistake, but I understand the desire to fit into the two party pigeon hole.

Why do scientists support the liberal agenda?   Yeah sure in the short term it's a monetary thing, they know who's buttering their grants bread.  But in the longer run?  They can kiss off following any leads that are not officially approved, and they'll have to pass all their results though their political officer editor.

I know why teachers do - 3 month vacations, tenure - shit even I'd be tempted (not enough but some).

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