Wednesday, August 6, 2014

More Math and a little Deconstruction

Here's a few interesting numbers.

According to this article - we paid out 2 Trillion dollars in benefits.     Let's just see how that works out.

There are 318,600,0000 people in the US - we're adding 1 ever 12 seconds.

If you divide $2T by the population you get $6,277 - Anyone send you a check for 6 grand?

Okay - let's take a look at the "real" numbers From this article

We get a nice breakdown of that $2T bucks

So let's be fair about this - Social Security is - in theory (if not in practice) simply returning money people paid in over the years - yeah we all know it doesn't work that way but at least they paid something for it.  So let's leave that out.
Then there's the Veteran's benefits - Okay - those folks EARNED that so let's take that out too.

Everything else - Entitlement.

The numbers are approximate- some rounded up a tiny bit, others rounded down a tiny bit, for example when I say 144,400,000 it's really 144,393,150  so I'm not trying to hid anything here.

So subtracting out the "earned" benefits we have $1,271,658,000,000 yeah 1.3 TRILLION bucks
Divide by the total population and we get - $3,991 - anyone get one of those checks?  I didn't.

But wait - these are BENEFITS - in theory for "Poor" people, so let's do some more math.
There are 66,000,000 households* that fall equal to or under the "Average Family Income" of about $51,000 so we going to go all the way up to 55,000 - benefit of the doubt you know.   

Those 60,831 families have a total of 144,400,000 people  so  $1.272 Trillion divided by 144,400,000 is:

$19,267  PER PERSON 

I'm pretty sure I'd have heard if people were getting checks for $20K - Since I easily fall into that under $54K range - I know for a FACT I didn't get one.

Which brings up the obvious question - who did?   Must be folks making more than $55K a year - really We need to steal transfer wealth from people so we can  give it to people making more than $55K a year?  Really?

*this data is from Wiki and is 2011.  So it's probably a bit lower than than it should be, but not much.

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