Friday, August 29, 2014

I think he said layoffs

My first thought after reading this:

Justice Department lawyers working on the case informed him on a Friday call that Lerner’s emails may be on the federal government’s own backup system, but that it would be “too onerous” to recover them.
was: Okay - then there's no point in doing backups.  Which means there's no point in keeping the people who do the backups, or manage the emails, or - well the entire IT department for that matter.   If they can't keep the emails from disappearing the this age of RAID arrays, distributed databases, and cloud backups, then they serve no useful purpose. 

Fire the whole bunch.

But an IRS with no database - how would they keep track of who owe's what?   Eh.  Fire all of them too, but Lois and company need to see the inside of prison and I don't mean the kind with golf courses.

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