Saturday, August 2, 2014

Let's do some math

Figures vary depending on where you get them but since I found these at politifact - which has been accused of lefty leanings - well righty leanings too - so what the heck.

The average government employee compensation in  2009 averaged $123,049  that's full benefits.   The average Median individual income for people 25 and older is $32,140 (2005)   so maybe it's a bit higher today but probably not much- same with the government numbers.   

Now,  the average tax rate across all americans has been roughly 17% for a long time - sorry don't have the source right now, I'll keep looking.  But it's the reason people were talking about a 17% flat tax - because no matter what we seem to do with the tax rates, it always works out to about the same revenue / GDP.      So for arguments sake call it 17%

Great so 17% of $32,140 = $5,464

If we divide that government employee's compensation by $5,464 we get 22.5  - so it takes on AVERAGE 22.5 people to support each and every government employee.   Everything else the government spends money on - needs to be paid for by anyone left over.    Think about that for a bit.  Let it sink in.    Are we really getting 22 peoples worth of benefit from any government employee?  - maybe the military but probably not even all of them.  

Keep in mind these are averages- and the years don't match and ....  but it's approximate  call it roughly 20 to 1.  Ask yourself - are they worth it?  When was the last time they actually did something beneficial?  When you were happy to hear from them?

ASSUMING 20 to 1 (lower than calculated)

There are approximately 153,900,000 people in the labor force.  There are approximately 2,800,000 federal employees.   Yeah, that means we have 151,100,000 people paying taxes.   - Wait Government employees pay taxes - Seriously?   Pay them with WHAT?  Oh yeah - taxes - at best it's a figging discount.  That means it takes about 56 million people to Pay for the number of federal employees we have - wait can that be right?   That's like a third of the entire workforce... No, it's even more than a third...

Yes Martha - it's that bad.   It takes over 1/3 of the work force just to pay for the people that are making our lives more difficult.   Who's bright idea was this anyway?   - Oh yeah, government employees.

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