Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Foreign Aid

I can't seem to find the spot in the constitution that says - tax the people and give the money to foreign governments.   Maybe because that wasn't part of the plan?  (Of course I could have just missed it).

I think given the right conditions, foreign aid fits nicely into the framework of Enlightened Self Interest (ESI).    Getting other countries to the point where they can feed them selves is good for us.  Exporting food leads to things like GMO's and non-sustainable monoculture farming.   We should be striving to get beyond that (forward into the past)  and grow food where it will be eaten for the most part.  I've got no issue with import and export of luxury crops but the basics like fruits, vegetables, and grains have to be covered locally.    Getting foreign countries (third world) clean water, sanitation, and medical helps us.   One of the biggest threats we face is disease - superbugs and pandemic,  doing things that reduce the likelihood of that happing, or being able to contain it at the source would be very beneficial.   Given that, the list of types of aid I'd like to see us involved in are geared toward making the world healthier, smarter, more sustainable, and more stable.

What I'd like to do with foreign aid is this:

Give aid to countries with the clear understanding that there are strings attached - and be really specific about what those are.   For example,  If we give you money, or arms, or food, or well - anything, then we get X amount of real estate for our use.   It's ours, it's not on loan to us, you don't get to tell us to go home - you have ceded that real estate to the U.S.A. to be used as we see fit.    If that's not agreeable - that's OK we'll keep our money, you keep your property, have a nice day.   Oh and since the world is so massively overpopulated - we only give aid to countries that establish and maintain a strict zero-population-growth system.   For over crowded countries like India, if they manage to get a voluntary negative growth rate, I'm all in favor up giving them a bonus.

All other foreign aid should be NGO.   I'm all in favor of NGO aid.   There's one general rule and only certain types of aid are allowed.   Note - missionary work of a religious nature is not considered foreign aid - it's considered missionary work and as such is outside the scope of government regulation.   Attempting to use missionaries to do other than teach religion, reading, writing, arithmetic, and the english language is stepping into the NGO role and will be treated as such.  

THE RULE:  You may not create an external dependency - anything you do has to be sustainable within the culture and economy.  If they can't sustain it when the aid disappears, you haven't given them AID, you've made it worse.

1.  Clean Water - Wells, filtration systems, irrigation.
2.  Hygiene - Septic systems, sewer treatment, etc
3.  Medical  - Clinics, supplies, personelle, training.
4.  Food -  Seeds for native crops or any crops currently being grown.  Any other seed must be cleared by council of botanists (or what ever) from universities of not less that 15 countries including any adjacent to the country in question - the goal is to avoid introducing invasive species that will adversely affect the existing ecology.  Training, Labor.  NO GMO seeds, NO fertilizers, No pesticides.  Farm equipment only if the economy currently supports the ability to manufacture.
5.  Education - Teaching basics reading, writing, math, music, history, economics, the sciences - physics, chemistry, etc.   Vocational skills.   Teacher training.  No religion, keep it separate and with the missions.
5.  Power - any power source must include ability to produce their own parts and maintain any established system, on their own, with their own existing raw materials.   If they can't build it when you leave with out importing - you can't  use it.    Types of power allowed
Wind, GeoThermal, Solar Steam, Hydroelectric.  No fossile fuel systems.

I'd want to think this through some more, there are I think issues having to do with corruption that need to be addressed, as well as security.

But that's the general outline.

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