Thursday, February 16, 2012

Get Home / Bug Out / Inch Bag

Life is complicated, or it seems that way to me at times.    Since I occasionally travel to visit friends / family, I find my self thinking about how to get home if things go Pear Shaped.   When I'm at home I think about how to get to my BOL (bug out location) if things go really wrong.   Or just how to get home from somewhere sort of local if things go wrong.    I carry and EDC (everyday carry bag) with a few item's in it.   It's perpetually under revision.   I have a bug out inventory that get's loaded up if I'm leaving home (probably for good)  - a different list if I'm just leaving for a while.   What i've been working on lately is what most people would consider an INCH (I'm never coming home) bag - but for me - it's really a Get Home Bag - because home is a long way away.   It's more or less what I'd need to survive in the wilds for and extended period of time.

After many attempts - I think I'm getting closer -but the damn thing is HEAVY - which means I'm going to be moving slow.   So I'm always looking for ways to bring the weight down with out giving up too much.     After much consideration I'm pretty sure I'm going to get a Kifaru Ultralight bag, undecided on the shelter - either the Paratipi or the Sawtooth, and the appropriate stove - yep - a wood stove.

Ok - not the thing for an ultralight hiker - but then I'm not an ultralight hiker, I'll never get close to that.  But still.   Why a stove?   Most of my travels are in the winter - often where it's pretty cold.   The stove provides heat on those cold nights - a way to heat snow for water - without using up my precious fuel - works better in the snow than my JetBoil.      I'm also gong to be caring a sleeping pad that might raise some eyebrows - kinda bulky, kinda heavy.  But I'm at a point in life, where if I want to get any sleep at night, the typical hikers sleeping pad just doesn't cut it.    I'd rather carry an extra couple of pounds and seep well (I think - like all things - testing is the key)

Like the EDC - I expect it will go though a lot of revisions.

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