Monday, February 20, 2012

What's the difference between a Republican and Democrat

The only difference between the Republican and Democratic parties is how they buy their votes.   Republicans lie to the wealthy, Democrats lie to the poor.

If you vote for either one and expect change - you are:
A.   Not Paying Attention
B.   Deluded
C.   Both A&B

Blaming the president for everything that goes wrong makes about as much sense as giving him credit for everything that goes right - and yet, that's what we do, over and over.

Sadly, I think the only way to fix the system (without a revolution) is to use a grass roots effort to elect individual Senators and members of Congress who understand they get one term to accomplish one simple task - Term Limits.   If they get that done, the next group get to accomplish the next simple task - All members of government at all levels get the SAME Benefits package as a private citizen; same medical, same retirement, same everything.   Exception to Military -They get a pension, education, hopefully improved medical - at least on par with what Senators get now.   No I never served in the armed forces - enlisting for Vietnam did not strike me as a wise move in 1975, and my brother who did accept a commission in the Air Force recommended that I try to avoid it all together.   I did serve as an EMT and volunteer fireman about 6 years - so I'm not a total slacker.

Now if I got to choose the limits on term limits - you'd get one.  Period, full stop, ONE.   You want to be Governor - fine one term, then back to civilian status for you - want to be President? Fine - no Senate in your future.   (Yeah I know - it'll never fly)

What else would I change?

If you have attended law school or taken (passed or otherwise) the Bar in any State, Territory, or District of the U.S. you may not run for a public office that has a responsibility for the creation of laws - Conflict of Interest.

Only one item to a Bill or Resolution - no 500 pork addendum's.   No crap to obfuscate the purpose of the law.

Miss 2 votes with out a medical or family emergency and you become ineligible for your second term (assuming we have two terms).   If your on your final term, you start losing pay.   Miss more than two and we deduct 10% for each vote missed.

If you are ever found to have voted for a bill or resolution with out reading it - you will be charged with Malfeasance of Duty and sent to prison.   (OK I have no idea how to enforce that but I still like the idea).

I've got more - oh so much more but that would be a start.   No more old boys club, no more carrear politicians, no more double standard of them and everyone else.


  1. Sounds like a very good start. Next step: de-fund and deconstruct dead wood like the department of education.

  2. Sure - the list is long - very long. If we can just get people to do the hardest thing in the world (at least based on evidence) THINK. We can fix it.