Monday, February 20, 2012

Scary Movies

I came across this on another blog - I'm more than just a bit worried about the fallout from this.   My gut is telling me that we have too many people too close to the edge and some of them are going to see this and think - gee what a great idea.    The film won't get blamed, the people might get blamed but guns will get blamed.   Just watch - some asshat is going to copy cat this and there will be much media outcry about how it's all the fault of guns.

Guns are not what drove the characters in the movie over the edge - that was the Media - Media Kills - Ban the Media!

Oh - wait - First Amendment - never mind.

On the other hand, why not ban the media - hell it feels like they only air sensational crap they get from twitter and never bother check facts.   I think Journalism is mostly dead - some time in the 80's it bit the dust and we were too busy being shocked and amused to notice.

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