Friday, February 24, 2012

News bias and Conspiracy Theories

I havent' read this book yet, but it's on my list - hard to resist a free book.   Well free after the price of a kindle (and I'm on my 4th - really have to stop bouncing them off the cement).

Matt Braken's Novel Enemies Foreign and Domestic

Read This  - Then on March 1, go get your free book.   Why do I care?  Let's just say that there are a few (very very few) conspiracies theories that I think might be true and the DOJ attempting to kill the 2nd Amendment is one.

There is only one reason to disarm the people - and that's to convert them from citizens to subjects.   Any other reason you might have heard is just smoke screen.

I don't get my news From FOX - don't have Cable,  I get my news from various sites - some domestic, some foreign (completely different view points).  I do listen to NPR.  The trick is not finding an unbiased source - no such critter, the trick is knowing what the bias is.

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