Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just Can't Leave it Alone

Was reading the anti-soma and she posts Speaking as a Woman  - all I can say is Sweet!  Go read it - read the blogs she points to or the rest of it won't make much sense - it's very topical.    I just had this conversation a week or two ago,  which brought up an old memory from collage.

Me:   Standing near door trying to decide if I'm going out to the library or back to the Student Union where I can guzzle coffee while I read.

Me:  Spots person heading for door,  Moves to the side and opens the door for Her.

Her:  Slaps me and says "I can open my own doors",  stomps out.

Me:  Opens door and shouts "I didn't open it because your a Lady - you just proved you're not,  I opened it because I'm a Gentleman".

Pretty much spent the rest of the day glaring at women.   Don't get me wrong - I think women are great - in the abstract.

Here is where I put my foot in it - I'm going to GENERALIZE (almost always a bad idea).

About Nice Men and Bad Boys.    I always hear the bitching about no nice men, we're all boys, never grow up......   If your a guy you've heard it - probably often.   Read an article in a magazine and the women will tell you they want Mr Right, Mr Nice, Mr Understanding, but they don't date those guys because they're not exciting, no they date the bad boy, then wonder why their lives are screwed up.  How do I know - I'm the Nice Guy (owns house - no mortgage, owns car - no payments), can discuss feelings, puts the seat down on the toilet.  I'm a NICE guy - still single (and sort of happy about it).

You guys want to know why you can't figure out what women want?   It's really simple,  you can't figure it out because they don't know what they want.   What they seem to be after is The Caring, Nurturing, Sharing, Narcissist, Bad Boy. Sorry no such critter.

See you don't have to be 20-30 years old to be bitter :)

The reality of it is, I've enjoyed those times I've had a live-in girl friend about as much as I enjoy the times I don't.   My happiness is independent - how's that for enlightenment.


  1. Odysseus is my very best friend, my husband, and the father of my children. Without the first, I doubt he'd be the others. He is incredibly kind, a good man, and has a temper to be feared when it gets loose (though I've never set it off--usually his and my tempers are aimed the same direction). He and I are co-equal partners (though each of us has different roles in the partnership). I really like it that way.

    I have always been friends with the "bad" boys--they usually consider me one of the guys. I have always known better than to consider them more than friendly acquaintances or eye-candy, as they're too fond of themselves/self-absorbed to be anything other than that, not to mention being some of the biggest misogynists I've ever met (besides myself).

    More women should be friends with bad boys. It'd cure them of their desire to be with one right quick. That type don't change. Not even for the "right" woman--or the wrong one.

  2. I say you were both lucky - and I suppose that's true, but then people tend to make their own luck.