Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Because only the cops should have guns

My deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Andrea Rubello

from The Blaze
MINEOLA, N.Y. (TheBlaze/AP) — Authorities say a police officer’s bullet killed a New York college student during the response to a home invasion at an off-campus home.
A young N.Y. woman was taken captive by Smith a large black male criminal on parole from a first degree robbery conviction.   

Smith, of Hempstead, Long Island, had been arrested for robbery in the first degree in 1999, promoting prison contraband in the second degree in 2000, robbery in the first degree in 2003, assault in the second degree in 2003 and robbery in the second degree in 2003, police said.

Given his record one might wonder what sort of MORON would parole him, let alone a group of MORONS  But then we're talking about N.Y. where creating victims is the goal.
So in the target rich environment of  Gun Free New York where only the cops should have gun, The gun toting cop rushes in to the rescue. Smith, using the girl as a shield apparently aims a gun at the cop.

But Wait - he's a criminal, on parole, with a GUN oh my god we need more GUN control.  Because obviously letting violent career criminals out on parole is the correct course of action.   Just think how bad this would have turned out if the people in the house were armed, I mean the home invader would have undoubtedly taken those guns and used them against the victims home owners.  Must be a gun control problem.  Everything is a gun control problem.  

So, the home invader points a gun at the cop, and the cop in typical N.Y. fashion starts shooting.   Now I don't know how many shots were fired but given the 85% miss rate which seems typical of N.Y. cops, I'm betting it was more than the 7 that hit Smith and the ONE that killed the girl.  Ah, did you notice (see quote at the top) that it was a bullet that killed the girl and not a gun? Because cop guns don't kill people, bullets do. It wasn't the cop, it was the Bullet.

Now you have to wonder at the wisdom of shooting at a man who is using a woman as a shield, but at 15 feet or less, I'd have probably taken the shot.  Shot - not 8+ shots.   I don't want to second guess someone in a situation that stressful, but training kicks in - or at least we're told by cops, the military, and professional trainers that it does.  So I suspect if you've trained to empty your magazine every time you pull the trigger and you're only concerned with hitting a Silhouette Target, then perhaps this outcome was inevitable.  Given the statistics of New York's finest when the guns come out, emptying the magazine - and we're not talking about what they let the citizens use - where talking about the 18 round type - is the norm.   I suspect the cop feels worse than I've ever felt in my entire life.  This is where I believe we need to make the people responsible pay the price for their actions.

The parole board who let that SOB out should be facing charges, not being a lawyer I'm not sure what those charges should be, but criminal negligence, and contributing to the death of citizen should be close.  The cop should be looking at involuntary man slaughter with extenuating circumstances, and the NYPD should be looking at criminal negligence in training.  The Bloomberg and the rest of the politicians should be facing charges for turning the honest citizens of N.Y. into victims.

Moral to the story:
Don't count on the cops to save your ass - you're just another target.
Carry a Gun - the criminals do.
A masked person breaks into your house, Shoot Them BEFORE they or the cops shoot you.
Practice - Small Targets.   Don't rush, just like driving - slow is smooth, smooth is fast.  Fast comes with repetition.   Practice with hostage targets, Practice with small targets, and when your done, practice some more. 
(Yeah I know practice is particularly difficult right now, since ammo is so friggen hard to come by.   So practice with Dry-Fire.)

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