Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Professorial stupidity

It seems that the profs at Georgetown University think Obama should be on Mount Rushmore.

Let's see -
Washington: First president, founder of a nation, signer of the Constitution.

Thomas Jefferson: Principle author of the Constitution, Statesman.

Abraham Lincoln*: Civil war, abolished Slavery.

Teddy Roosevelt**: War Hero, ended Russo-Japanese War, Completed the Panama Canal.

Obama:  Fast & Furious, IRS Scandal, Benghazi Scandal, AP/Fox News Scandal, ObamaCare. Personally Killed Osama Bin Laden - or  you'd think he had from all the PR.

Sure I can see it - they have a lot in common.

Oh, First black President.  But since we're not racists, that really can't matter right?

* In all fairness, I wouldn't have put Lincoln up there either, Abolishing Slavery was a very good thing.   Strengthening the central government wasn't -  Using force to coerce a number of states to remain in the nation they felt was no longer representing their beliefs or needs - wasn't either.   (But then it's probably because I'd be happy to live in a state that succeeds from the U.S. as it will mostly likely be based on a constitution even more restrictive of central government.  I'm biased that way - well hell, you knew that.)

Not sure I'd have included Teddy either.  While I do like a number of the ideas behind his Progressive party (the one before the liberals stole the name and did exactly the opposite).   I suppose given the time frame, there weren't a lot of other good choices.  James Madison, and Patrick Henry I suppose.

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