Wednesday, May 29, 2013

She really is that stupid

Once again Nancy Pelosi proves she'll say anything rather than admit they screwed up.  There aren't a lot of people I truly despise but she's right near the top of my list.

Right - Benghazi, IRS, AP/Fox - it's all just a distraction he's a great President - he should be allowed his little foibles - it's all the Conservatives Fault.  They're just trying to make him look bad. It's a distraction.   Right, massive violations of the Constitution are just a distraction.   Dereliction of duty is a distraction.

You can tell where she puts the Constitution and Government Corruption on her list of priorities - Yep, didn't even make the list.

This is the kind of thinking you get when someone believes that the Constitution is just that annoying, outdated, obsolete document that really doesn't mean anything anymore.

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