Monday, March 5, 2012

Breaking the Old Boys Club

I have a healthy level of respect for our founding fathers, given what they knew they did a pretty good job. I think they only failed in a couple of particulars.   First was getting too flowery with the 2nd Amendment. It should have read:

No Law or Regulation will be made that Infringes on the Individuals Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  

Oh - and it should have been the Frist Amendment. Perhaps if they felt the need to wax poetic they could have added  "Preservation of this right is essential to the maintenance of all others." 

I mean - the whole point behind the constitution was the Individual - but then they probably thought that was so obvious it didn't need to be said. 

The second thing I think they missed was just how Self Serving people can be - which is really odd given the arguments of the day.  I think they felt old George was being pretty self serving. They really should have put in term limits - sure it never occurred to them to become career politicians but they did exist back then. Big mistake.   

Now we're faced with a political machine with enormous momentum.  It's kept in motion by the Old Boys Club, those career politicians who've "paid their dues" and control the "plum" committees.  A newbie can't get anything done with out banging heads with the old timers and since the old timers really control the purse strings, anyone new either has to toe the line, or just keep banging their head against the wall.      How do you fix it?   How do you break the old boys club? - you vote out of office every single incumbent.  The faster this happens the better - one six year period would be ideal.    

Write to your congress critter - tell them you'll review their voting record and decide if they get a second term based on how they voted on defending the Constitution, term limits, reduction of the ridiculous benefits package they get, a repeal of the ability for congress to vote it's own raises, and how little pork they voted for. If they've had two terms - tell them to look for another job.

You put in people who really don't want to be there, but are willing to make the sacrifice to establish the new rules.

1.  Term Limits (2 max - 1 would be my preference). 
2.  Elected officials, and government employees (except Military) get no pension - just Social Security like the rest of us. 
3.  Elected officials and government employees (except Military) get the same medical coverage as everyone else. 
4.  Elected officials do NOT get to keep making a government salary after they leave office.  - It's supposed to be a public service, not a career. 
5.  Only one item per Bill or House Resolution. 
6.  Individuals with law degrees may not hold a public office which has any responsibility for creating laws or regulations.
7.  Regulations may not be created by appointees, only by elected officials. 

Ok enough for now - it makes my head hurt. 

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