Monday, March 5, 2012

Notes on Notes

In A Little Bit of Truth  I failed to mention a little test I'd like to see.    Write the exact same diatribe - but replace Republican with Black or Hispanic, or Muslim, or ....   don't care, take your pick.     The screaming about HATE Crimes, and HATE Speech I suspect would be defining - and probably make the evening news.  

I think this would show rather clearly that the poster of this crap  has set a whole new benchmark for Double Standars.

On "The Economy is Not an Issue" - Generally I view the stock market and the economy as Self Fulfilling Prophesy.  If everyone believes it's going to go down, it will (and visa-versa).   This can generally be influenced by the Media Idiots, and even a little bit by the Washington Idiots.  Sadly I think the Washington Idiots and the Media Idiots have finally stretched the faith of the "average" American just past the breaking point.   Might have something to do with being told that the economy is improving while you're unemployed and prices are going up on everything but your house - which is still going down.

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