Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I knew they were idiots but ....

Lots of bloggers have been discussing the Trayvon incident, naturally most of the pro-gun blogs have been cautious about being over critical of Zimmerman, other than perhaps tactically since NO ONE actually knows what happened, except maybe Zimmerman (and he probably doesn't remember it all correctly either).   

So now we have an elected Idiot donning the Hoodie in congress.   Here's one who's obviously made up his mind that facts are unimportant - it's the CAUSE.  
 (from the article)

Afterward, Rush told CNN he was wearing a tie, suggesting he was appropriately dressed for the House floor. He said the purpose of putting on the hoodie was to send a message to young people, "to stand their ground, stand up and don't stand down."
As for violating the House rule on wearing hats, Rush pointed to his hooded shirt and argued, "this is not a hat, this is a hoodie."
"I don't mind being out of order if it means standing up for truth and justice," Rush said.

Is he really just a big fan of the hoodie fashion, or is it that he think's it's great that there is so much public hate being generated over this.    What "truth and justice" are we talking about here?  Did Trayvon deserve what he got?  How the hell do I know I wasn't there - sadly that seems to be confusing the issue with fact.    The issue is apparently racial profiling?

Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Illinois, told House members, "racial profiling has to stop."

What profiling would that be?   Since when is what a private citizen does considered profiling?  Could it have been racist - sure, but where's the evidence - you know that pesky proof stuff?

Fine, wearing a hoodie doesn't make you a criminal, only committing a crime does that.  On the other hand, the hoodie has become yet another symbol of gangsta worship.   Sure - it's style but why is it a style.   If you believe imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - you have to ask: who are you imitating, and why?

Do they realize that they've made it virtually impossible for Zimmerman to get a fair trail (assuming it comes to that) considering he's been convicted in the media and apparently now in Congress? 

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