Sunday, March 25, 2012

Piven + Occupy Movement = WTF?

We are the 99% - Huh, I'm not part of the 1%, and I'm not part of those idiots, so I'm guessing there math is as bad as their hygiene.   Sure they're part of the 99% that isn't the 1% - big deal.   Sure they have some legitimate complaints.   Sadly most of them don't actually know what those complaints are - they just figure someone owes them for being alive.

Somewhere in this quagmire of double-speak  she comes up with the following

"Taking questions from students, Piven was asked how lawmakers can pass laws for “the 99 percent” without being viewed as socialist.
“Well, we’ll call them democratic, or maybe we’ll call them anarchists,” Piven replied before adding to audience laughter: “No, you can’t call a law an anarchist law.”
She continued, “I know one poll that shows something like half of the youngest age group polled, probably 15 to 25, saw no problems with socialism. I myself am not a socialist, but, you know, who knows what that is? I want to try to reform American capitalism to the extent that it can be reformed, and then we’ll see"
Huh? the question makes no sense, which I guess explains why the answer makes no sense.  It's not passing laws that makes them socialists, it's the laws they pass.   Not a socialist? ok Communist then?  Later she goes on to say:
“You know, these businesses need government, they rely on government,” Piven replied. “There may come a time when this new super structure of international agencies like the IMF, the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, the European Union is so highly developed they can actually function to provide the safeguards, the credibility, the infrastructure, the legal framework that business requires. They haven’t yet so I would say let’s tame business, fence them in, while it can be tamed.”
The only business that "needs" government is the Military Industry.   Oh and maybe Monsanto.   Do they take advantage of the idiots in government - yep - every chance they get.  We've got the best politicians money can buy. 
And the last thing we need is anymore refinement of the IMF, WTO, World Bank and, who gives a shit about the European Union who's all but bankrupt and trying to take us with them (and we're helping). 
Then there's this little gem:
Questioned about the Tea Party, Piven resurrected one of her old refrains that the movement is racist.
“The Tea Party has a chant at its rallies. The chant is ‘Take it back! Take it back! Take it back!’ And you know who they want to take it back from? They want to take it back from African Americans, immigrants. They can’t stand the idea, they’ve popularized the idea that our African American president is a Muslim,” she said.
OK, I'm not a member of the TEA party - too many things I don't agree with, but at least I respect them. I have NEVER heard a member of the TEA party say anything negative about African Americans or Immigrants. Negative comments about Illegal immigrants yes, muslims extremists yes.  The LEFT has decided that anything negative said about anyone except a conservative white male is either racist or sexest (Oh, well I guess conservative white females are fair targets to, just ask Sarah Palin).
I'm pretty sure the "who" they want to take it back from are the corrupt politicians. As for Obama, who claims to be Christian, but anyone with eye's and ears can see that it's a political ploy.  He might be a Muslim, he certainly speaks more kindly of Muslims than any other religion. 
I'm starting to think there may be some truth to the idea that he doesn't meet the legal requirements for holding that particular office.   As for popularizing the idea - I'm pretty sure, that got started by the republicans. 
I keep hoping to find some rational - logical thought process that might explain the belief that whole socialist/communist might work.   I'm not holding my breath. 

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  1. You really nailed that one--and the left (and minorities) are far more racist than they accuse us of being.