Sunday, March 25, 2012

Self Defense

I think the Zimmerman case is a lesson anyone who carries a gun needs to learn.

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Some people think this is a case of an armed citizen forcing a confrontation with an individual, which resulted in a shooting.  I'm not privy to all the facts, I'm not in a position to decide which crap the media puts out there is - well - crap; and which is which (if any) is fact.   The media has pretty much given up on the idea of reporting News - they just editorialize now.  

So Let's assume that the senario is as stated above.   If you are caring a gun, you have NO business starting a confrontation.   Period - Full STOP - End of sentence.

Now if the senario is - Guy A, following (or perceived to be following) guy B, and guy B turns around and attacks - ok that's a case of Self Defense - lethal force might or might not be justified.    If it were me, and someone from mid to late teens - in good shape - fair chance that I'd be afraid for my life, armed or not.   


If you force a confrontation - you may be (probably are?) outside the scope of self defense. Despite some states having a "Stand your Ground" law, if it's not your home, I'd seriously consider other options if there are any.   It may sound like a great idea to "Stand Up the the Fuckers" but unless you've killed before and you know for a fact how it will effect you, the statistics say it's going to have a negative effect.   To put it another way, you'll probably spend the rest of your life wishing it never happened.   

While a "self defense" defense might get you off with the cops, it's not a guarantee to get out of court - you can still be sued.   Ever been sued - over anything?  No - well it SUCKS.  It's a lot of stress, time waisted, aggravation, expense, and possibly a lot of money if you lose.     

You may have noticed that most of the media coverage tends to show images of Trayvon as a young child - why?   To stir the pot, to generate a bigger show.   The media is not your friend.   The police are not your friends.  The DA is REALLY not your friend (they're a politician looking for publicity). 

You need to be thinking about it now - long before the situation arises - under what circumstances are you prepared to have your life radically altered, probably in a bad way. 

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