Sunday, June 15, 2014

17 Minutes of Tape, Two years of emails

I remember all the coverage of the 17 minutes of missing tape.  Nixon faced impeachment over it and ended up resigning (well that and a few other scandals - all related).  Yeah it eventually grew to 18 1/2 minutes.  It was HUGE - Never ending coverage - every news service, every news paper - for a LONG time.

So the IRS looses 2 years of emails - AFTER telling the Senate they had the data and would cooperate.   Lost my ass.   You can tell this is a big deal by the outrage in the media, the huge, unrelenting outrage... Just wait it'll happen any day now.   Because we all know the News Media is all about seeking the truth....  You know with all the other scandals, I can see why the Press has a hard time keeping up - I mean Chris Christie was apparently more important than Benghazi, the media spent more time reporting a scandal about traffic jams and a theoretical abuse of power at the state level - but an international incident with deaths - who cares?  IRS targeting conservatives, and.... Ah hell I really don't have the patients to go though the whole damn list again. 

How inconvenient - to have a computer crash that only affects the interesting years of Lois's email.

And people say there are no government conspiracies  - I'm might be starting to get my Mulder on.

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