Monday, June 16, 2014

News Flash - hammering people with bad news causes stress.

From WUWT via Maggies Farm
Climate Depot reports: Weather Channel hypes report claiming ‘Climate Change Will Mean More Stress, Anxiety, PTSD in the Future’ – Growing ‘substance abuse’ due to AGW – Expect ‘broad psychological impacts’
PTSD from something that hasn't happened?  Oh they meant Paranoid Theory Stress Delusions - my bad.  Yes I suppose if enough folks keep being told they're all stressed out over the inevitability of climate change lurking unseen (but it's there the Science is Settled), then I suppose some stress is to be expected.   I know it stresses me out.
 Stress: The suppression of the desire to strangle the living shit out of some asshole who really deserves it.    
Think of all the lives these morons are screwing up with their incessant lying.  I still think there some valid areas of study - I'd like to know why some things are really happening, not based on the Settled Science of Agenda - but you know, real facts.   The kind that are available to everyone, the kind that are result of repeatable experiments.  Data generated from consistent forms of measurement - not excessively adjusted.   You know - REAL Science. The kind where you start with an Observation, followed by a theory, followed by experiments and data gathering, followed by - (gasp) actual MATH - Data that everyone can agree is actual data, not made up.  Math that people with real math skills can verify.   
Discourse on methodologies unlike the current BAN on non-agenda supporting discourse. 
We might be in danger of learning something useful about our planet.  I realized that with out the political agenda and benefit of economies of crisis, it might be difficult to get funding, but it's better than pissing away the funding they have on making stuff up. I also realized we may not, it's possible that we're just looking at the results of a chaotic system doing what chaotic systems do, and we won't be able to see the patterns in our lifetimes.  

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