Friday, June 20, 2014

It makes me feel young again

So I'm reading this article about schools blocking "conservative" sites and letting students access all the leftist sites - yeah, the list is kinda slanted ( slope >> 1   slope is much greater than 1,  if slope == 1 there would be, for every leftist site blocked there only one conservative site blocked. Slope < 1 would be more leftist sites blocked, yada, yada, yada... MATH sort of)

This kid starts digging -
“I became curious as to why one side was blocked and the other side was not,” 

Gotta love it - so indoctrinated he doesn't KNOW why, but not so far gone that he can't figure it out.  Yeah I've become a sync, and this kid is still an idealist - you gotta love that.

I knew it was important to get facts for both sides of the case,” 

On a gun control debate no less - really? - schools having kids arrested or suspended or expelled for paper guns, pointing fingers and t-shirts.   I smell something fishy too.  Like the debate was only going to have one side.   I wonder if any of the other students with the assignment figure out something was wrong.

So the kid takes it up the chain of command - and command says - "Gee we don't know"

Sounds like the left caught in a lie doesn't it - Okay - I'll be fair - It sounds like any government wog or politician caught in a lie - "I have no recollection. We just heard about this on the news..."  

Does anyone in the public sector EVER take responsibility for anything accept gleeful violations of an individuals rights while claiming they don't have those rights?

Give'm hell kid!

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