Thursday, June 19, 2014

Seems low to me

Well according to the WSJ/NBC Poll 54% of the people think Obama isn't up to the job.  That number should be 100% but self delusion is rampant in this country.

That number should have been %100 back in 08, then again 4 years later. I guess late is better than never, but not much.

He was never up to the job, he was a figgen community organizer who turned into the most destructive force for freedom in the history of this nation.   If I can work up the enthusiasm maybe some day I'll find the list of all the Obama scandals and count them up.  He's got to approaching a record that will likely never fall.   Has he surpasses all the previous presidents? Sure  quite possibly surpassed all of them combined - at least by the time we find out about the other crap he did that the "NEWS" wouldn't report on.

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