Friday, June 20, 2014

WaPo eats their own

Well the WaPo has decided to eat one of their own because of LibProg faux outrage.   h/t Althouse via Maggie's Farm

Why the hell do they keep doing this.   We all know the outrage is bullshit, it's the social justice warrior and Feminazi trademark.  Find a conservative - ignore the facts, get outraged, froth at the mouth, try to get them to back pedal.   Sadly it works too often.

So what they've done is turn Rape into a joke - it's a serious crime or was.  They claim the articles like Will's is disrespectful to victims of rape - bullshit, they're disrespectful to victims of ACTUAL rape  - regretting last nights dalliance because you were drunk is not rape.   And avoiding Due Process so you can call it rape won't ever make it rape.

These morons are the worst enemy of actual women I can imagine.  Ladies - these Lying, Bitter, Delusional monsters are not your friends.  Their approach is the same every time - remove or ignore the facts, twist the meanings, and act outraged.  They say there's no such thing as Misandry - right read their comments - it's nothing but Misandry. They say consenting while intoxicated is rape - sorry girls - your delusions don't make it fact or true or right.

You want to know about rape and rape culture - read this, then you'll know.   Thinking you made a mistake by sleeping with some guy while your drunk?  not rape.   Letting the College or University railroad the guy but never report the "crime" to the cops - Not Due Process.  It is pure and simple, a violation of his rights.   If it was really rape, then it should be reported to the police, it should be investigate and he should be put in prison (or shot for all I care).   Do some rapist get off under due process - yes and I wish they wouldn't, just like I wish due process would guarantee the every murder caught gets punished and that we NEVER put someone not guilty in prison.  But murders go free and innocent go to prison because no system will ever be perfect - a kangaroo court of LibProg professors determined to ruin yet another man is not Justice.   LibProgs, Feminazis, and Social Justice Warrirors are not interesting in justice, they're interested in everyone towing their line, singing their songs, and following the statist agenda.

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