Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Obvious Conclusions

Apparently 1 in 4, college women get raped, and 1 in 5 men are rapists - or maybe it's the other way around, either way - if you want to get raped go to college, if you don't - do something else.

If you're still not sure, then If White Privilege hurts your tender feelings - then maybe you should avoid college - apparently White Privilege is rampant on campus.

Still not sure?  If Racism offends you - not real racism mind you, but the kind of racism where someone thinks taco's taste good - that kind of racism.   Then you should avoid college but cause Racism is also rampant.

Really?  Still thinking about it?  Okay - If you want to acquire a healthy debt balance and gain no job prospects then College is for you - sadly none of us are going to click on your paypal donate button to pay your college debts - I know that's harsh, and racist, and I should check my privilege, and I must be a rapist because not paying for your stupid delusions is just like rape.

Here's a thought - all you special little snowflakes stay home and hide in mommies basement and let the grownups deal with the whole Gun/Rape/Privilege/Racist/Homophobe/Misogynist Culture.

You'll NEVER be safe in the real world because the real world is just not built that way.  Wish as hard as you can, after all it's works so well so far.

The interweb just kinda pissed me off today - delusional morons are rampant.

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