Tuesday, June 24, 2014

GMO and Rats

There seems to be a trend in the scientific community.  It's a trend that will eventually kill science all together - yeah I really said that.   Kill Science.   It's funny but when you kill decent, and you refuse to publish papers because you don't like what they're telling you, then you've stuck you head someplace with out light.

The trend is rampant in "Climate Science".   This paper on GMO's was pulled at one point, but at least seems to have been republished.  The paper describes a significant increase it tumors in rats fed on GMO rat feed, more importantly it discusses liver and kidney damage.

The feed in question is a Round-Up tolerant GMO maize.  

My previous complaints with GMO have always been license, patent & trademark issues.  The inability to control "infection" of non-GMO crop fields.  I also have a  problem with the idea of giving a patent on a gene sequence or DNA.   Patent a process - yes, a pattern of genes or DNA - no.

I'm not sure this single study changes any of that, but it brings up questions.  I'd like to see more thorough studies done - sadly I think they'll need to be done outside this country.    The links between Monsanto and the FDA are too numerous and intertwined as are the links to the universities.  Too much money involved, too much crony capitalism.  Sadly, even going outside the U.S. may not do it.

I'm not likely to avoid GMO's because of one report but it's a bit wording.

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